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V Nunes is a jewelry designer and goldsmith and native from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since an early age, Nunes had a great passion for designing and crafting small objects. Her first contact with jewelry design came while studying at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) with a degree in product design.

She immediately identified with the jewelry crafting process and the opportunity it provided to express my design ideas into small wearable pieces of art. Nunes studied and worked with several skilled jewelers in Brazil while finishing her degree. In 2009, after graduation, she moved to New York City where she set up my own studio and workspace.

With her own studio and the inspiration of the two hometowns, Rio and New York, she designed and produce her first collection of pieces, which were launched under her new design company V Nunes in December of 2010.

As a product designer, Nunes is focused on designing attractive wearable objects that will enhance the human body form as well as will fit the body comfortably, ergonomically.

She takes inspiration from natural environments as well as manmade objects. Her hometown, Rio,  filled with beautiful beaches, lush forest and iconic rock peaks served as inspiration for her first collection. After moving to NYC, her designs have been inspired by the diversity of architecture, people, objects and human made landscapes in the city.

In the past years, Nunes has been incorporating and exploring 3D modeling and printing technologies to her jewelry designs. As a product designer, she is always learning new techniques to incorporate and create unique and innovative design ideas.    

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